Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Chloe RobinsonChloe Robinson
First attempt with me
Learning with Suzanne really helped me build my confidence in driving and I would recommend her to anyone! She works with you to build skills and good habits, and I couldn't have passed without her guidance. I am forever thankful!

Joshua StrettonJoshua Stretton
Long-awaited first time pass
A 1st time pass was exactly what I needed after delays from the COVID lockdowns and that is what I achieved. Not only is Suzanne supportive, friendly and kind she gives good and honest feedback which I think is valuable when learning how to drive. She never failed to make me believe in myself which helped my confidence immensely and I cannot thank her enough for that. Suzanne is a fantastic instructor and I couldn’t recommend her more.

Ben RoweBen Rowe
Fantastic 1st time pass
Suzanne is a great teacher and a wonderful person. I really enjoyed my time learning with her. What Ben is modestly not mentioning that he fairly flew through the test with only two minor faults and was complimented by the examiner on how he handled various obstacles that seemed to be specially out to get him. Well done, Ben - you have been a pleasure to work with and I am immensely proud of what you have achieved for yourself!

Ele HudsonEle Hudson
Fantastic first time pass
Suzanne Simkin has been an amazing driving instructor - very kind, encouraging and supportive! She really went out of her way to be as helpful as possible, and offered the reassurance I needed right from day one to ultimately be able to pass first time! I can’t recommend her enough, no matter what level of experience you may have.

Alicia RoseAlicia Rose
Fantastic pass ready for ambulance training
Suzanne is one of the loveliest people I have met. She is supportive, calm and helps you through any challenges in the best way for you- nerves etc. She cares thoroughly about her students and always goes the extra mile. Lessons were interesting, fun and I don’t think I would have been able to pass in time for my uni course if it wasn’t for her. During the pandemic she communicated so well on the current state of tests and lessons etc and kept me in the loop. I can’t thank her enough😀I can’t fault a thing: she’s the best instructor I could have ever have asked for.

Natalie ThorpeNatalie Thorpe
Fab pass, winning the battle with nerves
It was a pleasure to work with Natalie and help gain her freedom. I know that she is loving polishing and being out and about in ‘Doris’!

David BrownDavid Brown
Super 1st time pass
David’s mum commented: "So proud of my boy and thank you Zan you've been amazing, wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to any one. You've been a brilliant instructor and so inspirational." David passed with just three minor faults. He was a privilege and a pleasure to teach.

Peter BrownPeter Brown
First time pass in just a month and a day
I am thrilled to share Peter’s first time pass after only 16 hours of tuition and a month and one day from his first drive in over a decade to his target met! Enjoy your first family car and the freedom that this will give you and your loved ones.

Beth LedgerBeth Ledger
Fantastic first time pass
I have passed 1st time at the grand age of 47! 😆 Zan Simkin was an awesome kind and patient instructor who actually gave me confidence in myself. I would recommend her to anyone 100%.

Patience Patience
Great pass within personal target timescale
Thank you Suzanne for your encouragement and support. When I came told you I was looking to get this done within this time frame, you didn’t discourage me, but supported me. You are an amazing lady, great teacher and it was lovely learning with you. 😊 I would highly recommend any time!

Katie ValeKatie Vale
Lovely well-earned pass with just three faults
I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of being taught by Suzanne for the past year now. She is very patient and her methods of teaching are fabulous. I was very nervous to start with and didn’t have a clue about driving, and Suzanne made sure that I was always comfortable each lesson. I cannot recommend or thank her enough!

Tony BoucherTony Boucher
Super pass by my most senior student
Having failed numerous tests and on the verge of calling it a day I finally passed under with the help of Suzanne. I believe this was completely due to the patience professionalism and relaxed atmosphere provided by Suzanne, Highly Recommend ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

Oscar HughesOscar Hughes
Just 4 minor faults!
I am so proud of Oscar on his great pass (just 4 minor faults!) on the very last day before he heads off to Uni. It has been an utter pleasure teaching him. I wish him every joy and success in his studies and all he does in the future (including some track time to use those nascent rallying skills!).

Joyce KubakuJoyce Kubaku
Lovely drive to a great pass
I am very happy and thankful for the patience and encouragement you have given me! You always believed in and reassured me! Its been a great experience! Thank you very much.

Mia BrownMia Brown
Super pass for determined Mia!
I cannot recommend Suzanne enough! She is a lovely, calm and patient lady who helped me to really enjoy my lessons. Thank you ever so much for teaching me and helping me to achieve my pass certificate. 5 star recommendation all the way. This was a great pass from the tenacious Mia, who dug deep keep to hold her nerve and drove brilliantly in Heckmondwike. I know this is going to change her life! It has been a pleasure to work with Mia and to help her finish her learning journey and gain that all-important certificate.

Theo SimkinTheo Simkin
An excellent pass in extreme weather
An excellent driving instructor! Lessons started at the very basics as I was completely new to driving and built up at a good pace. I never felt like like I was being dragged into doing something I was unprepared for but also didn't find lessons repetitive. Suzanne was calm, encouraging and always supportive. I would definitely recommend her as a driving instructor.

Niamh KellyNiamh Kelly
Brilliant first time pass
I could not recommend Suzanne as a driving instructor more. She is incredibly friendly, patient and encouraging, and is an excellent teacher. I always felt calm and safe in the car. She was very flexible with lessons which meant I was able to learn to drive despite being busy with work and being away quite a bit, and let me learn at my own pace. I passed my driving test first time yesterday and Suzanne was definitely the main reason why, and I am really going to miss our lessons!

Charlotte McBrideCharlotte McBride
Super 1st time pass
I have had the pleasure of teaching Charlotte from the beginning right through to her fantastic, first-time pass. Despite some difficult events in her life, she persisted throughout and I can’t wait to see what kind of green car Charlotte buys and this will enable her to achieve her other life ambitions.

Beth WaiteBeth Waite
1st time pass in sunny Wakefield
I could not have had a better instructor! She has the patience of a saint and is an all round lovely lady! Thank you so so much for helping me pass first time!

Tom RushTom Rush
Only one minor fault!
I am very proud of the way Tom kept his cool and earned himself an amazing pass with just one fault! I have taught him from day one, and it took him a few attempts to keep nerves at bay on test, but when he did, what a result!!

Cat DobsonCat Dobson
1st time pass with only three minor faults
During my time learning with Suzanne, I was made to feel comfortable and at ease, even through what, for me, was a nerve wracking experience, due to my anxiety. She was always conscious of this, taking my feelings into account and planning my lessons based around how I was coping that day. Her lessons were always well explained, in a calm and informative manner, even when things didn't go as well as I'd planned. This helped to alleviate any nerves I had when trying a new manoeuvre, or technique. We worked to my abilities, and it was always my choice whether we moved on to something new, or continued to hone the basics. She was always aware of my lack of self confidence, and worked to build on that throughout my lessons. She took to this with a kindness and thoughtfulness that I doubt I could have found easily elsewhere. I don't think I could have passed first time without her, and I am so pleased that I chose Suzanne as my driving tutor. Cat passed first time with a fantastic record of only three minor faults. She only started lessons with me in September, never having learnt before, and did a brilliant job of mastering everything so quickly. It was a pleasure to work with her!

Nathan McLeanNathan McLean
A worthy 1st time pass in only seven days
I was delighted that I was able to pass the test first time. Before we even began, Suzanne outlined the pros and cons of the one week pass course compared to the other choices availible. Due to my own circumstances I really had no choice but to select this course however the fact that Suzanne broke down the courses gave me more belief that she was invested in myself as a learner and not just another means of making money, which I have had previous history of with other companies. The LDC franchise has a really good learning programme focused on module based learning rather than a check list of driving elements. In my case, due to my endless questioning of my abilities, it was reassuring that Suzanne allowed me the freedom to revisit and refine areas I felt I was lacking in, although she did help to push me on when I was ready for the next steps. As a student who had previously done hourly sessions verses a combination of 2, 3 or 4 hour blocks that I did this time around, I can see the benefits and hindrances of both timetables. Shorter hours places less stress on the learner however the longer blocks allow yourself to retain more of the techniques and become more familiar with the car. Personally I was a nervous wreck and if it wasn't for Suzanne's calming and positive nature I don't think I would have passed. Suzanne was an absolute pleasure to learn from, her qualities as a teacher allowed me to enhance my understanding of the information outlined in the LDC handbook/disc and her unwavering ability to stop me from underestimating myself establishes that she cares for the learner foremost. All the plaudits go to this great instructor and I have no qualms regarding recommending her to other learners. Thank you Suzanne for all your hard work. Best wishes for the future.

Dom EvansDom Evans
First time pass after only 28.5 hours of lessons!
I chose Suzanne upon recommendation from a friend of the family who’d passed first time with her, and what a good choice it was! Brilliant teacher who put in as much effort as me and made sure I was happy and confident with everything I had learnt. Using Suzanne I was able to pass my test first time after only 10 lessons! Highly recommended. Dom worked really hard using the LD system, studying between each lesson and applying all he learnt. He really earned his pass!

Amy ParnellAmy Parnell
Held her nerves at bay for a great pass!
I taught Amy from her first steps as a driver. She has never found easy to believe in herself or her abilities. The testing process was a very anxious one for Amy, so I was so very proud when she held her nerve on her third test and got the pass she deserved. She only got six minor faults and all these were errors of nervousness. Amy is a great driver and I am thrilled she has got her licence to prove it! Amy wrote: Thank you Suzanne for all you’ve done! You believed in me more than I did myself. Who knows might be my next move! Thank you! I’m VERY happy!

Cameron WestCameron West
Super first time pass in soggy Wakefield
A very kind, helpful and punctual tutor that made learning to drive more enjoyable and less stressful. (I taught Cam from scratch so this one is extra special to me!)

Paul AustinPaul Austin
Well-earned first time pass!
I started lessons with Suzanne after having an unhelpful time with a "pass in 5 days" course with another company last year. I already had my theory, but it had been a long time since I had done any driving. Suzanne has a very patient and organized personality, which I found very helpful and calming as I was learning to drive! At the start of each lesson, she will go over what happened during the last lesson and discuss any points that need discussing and reminding, and then she will ask you what YOU want to do during this lesson, whilst giving you pointers and guidance. This means that you will always be doing something that you feel you need to be doing and that you want to be doing that day, rather than being told what to do each lesson. During the teaching, you will usually be talked through exactly what you need to do and what you need to look out for whilst at the side of the road, allowing you to be clear about the process or the manoeuvre before you even attempt it. You will then go ahead and complete the manoeuvre, and pull over again and review afterward. This instant feedback whilst it is still fresh in both minds is very useful for improvement! This also means that during the driving, you can focus on the road and the task ahead, instead of having to split attention between the road and listening to instructions. I always felt very at ease when asking questions with Suzanne, and was encouraged to do so, which again allowed me a much quicker understanding of a lot of key concepts. When you first have lessons with Suzanne, she will provide you with a login for LDC's online systems, and an LDC workbook. These are high-quality materials, and the workbook especially goes into depth about the exact criteria the examiners are looking for in each category and gives the exact wording to all the "show me tell me" questions which I found incredibly useful! The LDC website will have a record of every lesson you have with Suzanne, and also has a lot of useful videos about driving, although a lot of these can also be found on youtube too, which will give you an idea of the quality of LDC materials. I would thoroughly recommend Suzanne to anyone, her calm approach and student-focused style is a multitude better than my previous instructor's style of bombarding me with too much information by yelling stuff whilst I was in the middle of a roundabout! Her honest and accurate feedback at the end of every lesson lets you see and measure your progress, and see how close you are to becoming ready for the test. Her punctuality is great, arriving 5 mins ahead of every lesson. Her car is clean and comfortable to drive. Thank you Suzanne for getting me my driving licence! 5 stars from me!

Regina XavierRegina Xavier
Passed first time!
Words can't describe how happy I am and grateful to Suzanne: I passed first time! She not only helped me with the driving skills but also with my confidence. She is very friendly and patient. It was a pleasure to have her as my instructor. I highly recommend her. Thank you so very much, Suzanne!!! I'm over the moon :)

Matt LargeMatt Large
Passed first time, with three minor faults and a compliment!
Review Matt Thank you Suzanne was an excellent week. You drilled it into me all week. I'd recommend you to anyone. Many more passes to come. Can’t thank you enough! I'm really pleased! Thanks!!

Ashleigh-Marie StevensonAshleigh-Marie Stevenson
Super pass in York
I chose to go ahead with Suzanne after reading a recommendation on Facebook which highlighted her patience and friendliness. When I contacted her she was more than happy to discuss options and had some great deals on too. She has seen me through theory to practical. Not only have I now gained a driving licence but I had fun doing it. She is friendly, kind, and inspiring. I was given workbook which was really helpful and allowed me to be part of the lesson structure. I would highly recommend her services, especially for nervous or shy people because her natural personality puts people at ease. I'm so grateful for your help Suzanne. Thank you.