Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Dom EvansDom Evans
First time pass after only 28.5 hours of lessons!
I chose Suzanne upon recommendation from a friend of the family who’d passed first time with her, and what a good choice it was! Brilliant teacher who put in as much effort as me and made sure I was happy and confident with everything I had learnt. Using Suzanne I was able to pass my test first time after only 10 lessons! Highly recommended. Dom worked really hard using the LD system, studying between each lesson and applying all he learnt. He really earned his pass!

Amy ParnellAmy Parnell
Held her nerves at bay for a great pass!
I taught Amy from her first steps as a driver. She has never found easy to believe in herself or her abilities. The testing process was a very anxious one for Amy, so I was so very proud when she held her nerve on her third test and got the pass she deserved. She only got six minor faults and all these were errors of nervousness. Amy is a great driver and I am thrilled she has got her licence to prove it! Amy wrote: Thank you Suzanne for all you’ve done! You believed in me more than I did myself. Who knows might be my next move! Thank you! I’m VERY happy!

Cameron WestCameron West
Super first time pass in soggy Wakefield
A very kind, helpful and punctual tutor that made learning to drive more enjoyable and less stressful. (I taught Cam from scratch so this one is extra special to me!)

Paul AustinPaul Austin
Well-earned first time pass!
I started lessons with Suzanne after having an unhelpful time with a "pass in 5 days" course with another company last year. I already had my theory, but it had been a long time since I had done any driving. Suzanne has a very patient and organized personality, which I found very helpful and calming as I was learning to drive! At the start of each lesson, she will go over what happened during the last lesson and discuss any points that need discussing and reminding, and then she will ask you what YOU want to do during this lesson, whilst giving you pointers and guidance. This means that you will always be doing something that you feel you need to be doing and that you want to be doing that day, rather than being told what to do each lesson.

During the teaching, you will usually be talked through exactly what you need to do and what you need to look out for whilst at the side of the road, allowing you to be clear about the process or the manoeuvre before you even attempt it. You will then go ahead and complete the manoeuvre, and pull over again and review afterward. This instant feedback whilst it is still fresh in both minds is very useful for improvement! This also means that during the driving, you can focus on the road and the task ahead, instead of having to split attention between the road and listening to instructions. I always felt very at ease when asking questions with Suzanne, and was encouraged to do so, which again allowed me a much quicker understanding of a lot of key concepts.

When you first have lessons with Suzanne, she will provide you with a login for LDC's online systems, and an LDC workbook. These are high-quality materials, and the workbook especially goes into depth about the exact criteria the examiners are looking for in each category and gives the exact wording to all the "show me tell me" questions which I found incredibly useful! The LDC website will have a record of every lesson you have with Suzanne, and also has a lot of useful videos about driving, although a lot of these can also be found on youtube too, which will give you an idea of the quality of LDC materials.

I would thoroughly recommend Suzanne to anyone, her calm approach and student-focused style is a multitude better than my previous instructor's style of bombarding me with too much information by yelling stuff whilst I was in the middle of a roundabout! Her honest and accurate feedback at the end of every lesson lets you see and measure your progress, and see how close you are to becoming ready for the test. Her punctuality is great, arriving 5 mins ahead of every lesson. Her car is clean and comfortable to drive. Thank you Suzanne for getting me my driving licence! 5 stars from me!

Regina XavierRegina Xavier
Passed first time!
Words can't describe how happy I am and grateful to Suzanne: I passed first time! She not only helped me with the driving skills but also with my confidence. She is very friendly and patient. It was a pleasure to have her as my instructor. I highly recommend her. Thank you so very much, Suzanne!!! I'm over the moon :)

Matt LargeMatt Large
Passed first time, with three minor faults and a compliment!
Review Matt Thank you Suzanne was an excellent week. You drilled it into me all week. I'd recommend you to anyone. Many more passes to come. Can’t thank you enough! I'm really pleased! Thanks!!

Ashleigh-Marie StevensonAshleigh-Marie Stevenson
Super pass in York
I chose to go ahead with Suzanne after reading a recommendation on Facebook which highlighted her patience and friendliness. When I contacted her she was more than happy to discuss options and had some great deals on too. She has seen me through theory to practical. Not only have I now gained a driving licence but I had fun doing it. She is friendly, kind, and inspiring. I was given workbook which was really helpful and allowed me to be part of the lesson structure. I would highly recommend her services, especially for nervous or shy people because her natural personality puts people at ease. I'm so grateful for your help Suzanne. Thank you.